Josh Richard

Josh Richard may be a new face in the indie world but he has spent half his life crafting intuitive, out-there pop music. As a self-taught musician with a laundry list of instruments to his name, he has made a career out of excavating diverse genres and innovating the 3 minute single like a mad scientist in a laboratory. The 60s British psychedelia and searing fuzz-rock influences found on Richard’s new album “Cities & States” recently attracted Grammy-nominated artist Jon Butcher and multimedia company Electric Factory X with whom the album will be released in September 2017. “Cities & States” is a massive work of art displaying the breadth of Richard's palette. Meticulously engineered, the songs serve as a catharsis for his past troubles like a turbulent sea producing a smooth stone. The music reveals a palpable necessity for exploring the far corners of an endless musical landscape.

Cover Art Cities & States.jpg

Cities & States

by Josh Richard

"Cities & States" is a portal through time and music. From the early days of Buddy Holly and The Beatles to the gnarly, electronic stutter of modern acts like Beck, Spoon, and Tame Impala, Richard has created a genuinely pop-conscious LP. His voice, dynamic and lush, is the most distinct aspect of his music particularly when he is layering his own harmonies. Standout tracks "Leon" and "Free Money" sound like a collaboration between Amy Winehouse, The Supremes, and Talking Heads, exuding equal parts funk and blues. Heavier songs like "PWNY"and "Flower Girl" distill the melodic dexterity of the album into a warped nucleus, where the world has been pitch-shifted by modern tension and existential paranoia. "Cities & States" is a lucid work from start to finish, owing much to Richard's ear for symmetry and the apparent ease with which he presents his own virtuosity. Featuring Andy Bickerton on drums, engineering by Jhainish Sinnatamby and Warren Babson.